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My visit to Restaurant JAG left me quietly disappointed, perhaps due to overly high expectations. The ambiance felt a bit dated, and some dishes fell short of the anticipated wow factor. However, the overall experience was salvaged by impeccable service and a few standout flavors, making it a decent dining choice.
Russ Teo
29 Jan 2024
They certainly know what the 'extra mile' means!
Peter Stilli
03 Jan 2023
We really enjoyed our dinner at JAG. The service was excellent and we love the herb infused cocktails. A lovely night out.
Yee Chen Chng
03 Mar 2020

'Spring 2024 Season'

New Vegetables. New Menus. New Wine-list.

We are so excited for Spring to have begun. This is our first Spring at Robertson Quay. The naturally brightly lit dining room adds another layer to the new spring experience.

We greatly look forward to welcoming you to JAG during this Spring Season.